Friday, July 8, 2016

Further exports, delete extensions, FITS for LabPlot

I have implemented some features since my last post, soon I'll be polishing the features, searching for bugs. So, let's have a look at them:

Delete FITS extensions from files:

Context menu for deleting extensions
You just right-click on the extensions, and you can delete them, and after you save the file, reopen it, you can check the file again:

(I deleted the other extensions this time) And you can see that some extensions are removed from the file.

I've improved the export dialog for FITS files:

Now you can select whether you want to export your container to an image extension, or a table. If the spreadsheet contains non-numeric columns, then exporting to a FITS image it's not possible:

You can check the "Columns comments as units" checkbox if you'd like to export the column's comments as FITS table units, check comment:

And here you can see it as the unit of the column in the FITS table:

Other important it's that when you import tables to spreadsheets, then columnmodes are set properly, for example text/numeric columns:

To prove that:

In short, "A1" stands for a column which contains strings, with length of 1.
That's for now, I'd be happy if you could test the features/give feedback. See you soon.:)

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