Friday, June 17, 2016

Import, export FITS

There are some new features that I've implemented since my last posts, let's see them!
FITS tables can be imported to spreadsheets now. Let's see how it works:

FITS table imported to a spreadsheet
As before, I compare my results with the results of FV (FITS Verify). I set the column comments to the units defined for the columns in the FITS if they're available.

You can now export your matrices to FITS images! If the file exists, it just appends a new image extension, if not, it creates a new FITS file, check out the header of an exported matrix, and the tree of the file:

Header keywords of the exported matrix

You can export your spreadsheets to FITS tables too!

Currently the export dialog for FITS files

And then you can check out your file's header:

Header of the exported FITS file
 Great, isn't is?! If the file didn't exist yet, it creates one with an empty primary array, and appends an ASCII table. It still needs more improvements of course.

And then let's import back our exported spreadsheet:

The exported spreadsheet imported

There are still plenty of things to fix, and others to implement of course :)